Social media marketing is the process of gaining website visitors through social media sites. Here at HighThrive we focus our efforts on the promotion of your content via social media sites. Some benefits of social media for your business are:

  • Greater brand recognition
  • Increased website traffic
  • Builds better customer relationships

Yes, I need social media marketing!

We know that every social media marketing campaign is different. That's why we use a 7 step process to ensure that your marketing campaign is unique and designed to meet your objectives and goals.

1. Create Social Media Objectives & Goals

The first step is to create a set of objectives & goals. This is the foundation upon which your social media marketing campaign is based.

2. Perform Social Media Audit

A complete audit of your social presence. What accounts you have setup, who has access, are they setup correctly, what have you been posting etc..

3. Focus On Relevant Social Networks

Some social networks will be more relevant than others. We will focus our efforts on those that are the most suitable for the objectives and goals.

4. Research & Create Content Plan

We will find out what content performs the best for your niche & what works well for other businesses with the same target audience.

5. Generate Content

This is the stage where valuable relevant content is produced. But remember, the content you produce should not be a sales pitch. Your content should be an enjoyable educational experience for the reader.

6. Engage & Answer

Here's your chance to interact. Respond to comments and always positively answer any negative feedback.

7. Measure, Evaluate & Adjust

Track your content, measure it's success, learn and adjust your approach to reach your objectives and goals.