It amazes me the number of businesses that rely on their website to generate leads and sales but then don’t retarget those website visitors who do not convert first time.

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If you are not retargeting your non-converting website visitors you are missing out on an easy and a large source of sales and revenue. Retargeting is an easy way to bring previous visitors back to your website and give them another chance to become a converted customer.

It’s quick. It’s easy. And it generates sales!


Because retargeting ads are only targeted towards warm leads… people who have already interacted with your website. A retargeting ad allows you to present a specific offer or message to your warm lead, often related to the action that they previously took on your website, i.e. an offer on a certain item which they previously added to their shopping basket or an ad based upon a page that they visited. This is the final piece of encouragement they need to bring them back to your website.


The magic happens here because returning visitors always convert at a higher rate than first time visitors. They know your brand, trust you more and are more engaged with you. Simply put, the purpose of retargeting ads is to increase the number of returning visitors and, in turn, the number of conversions.

How do you retarget your customers?

There are many options as to the platform that you can use to retarget visitors. In my opinion, retargeting via Facebook is by far the best, most cost effective and powerful retargeting strategy available.

Why Facebook?

  1. Your business should already have a Facebook page – in a matter of minutes you can be up and running with Facebook business manager and an ad account (just ask us how).
  2. The people who visit your website are highly likely to use Facebook – there are more than 30 million active Facebook users within the UK. It is by far the most popular social media site on the planet (even my nan is on there!).
  3. People are active on Facebook – the average time spent on Facebook per day per user is 50 minutes
  4. Facebook retargeting and advertising is cheap – it’s not unknown to get a qualified lead for less than £1 in ad spend!

How does Facebook retargeting work?

After a bit of initial setup to add a ‘Facebook pixel’ to your website code (just ask if you want some help with this), it’s really simple. Every time someone with a Facebook account visits any page on your website, the pixel will send information back to Facebook. This information lets Facebook know that this particular user has visited this particular page of your website (or performed a certain action on your website).

You, the advertiser, can then send a targeted Facebook ad, just to the people who visited that particular page (or carried out a certain action). The ad will appear in the user’s Facebook feed and bring them back to your website, ideally with an irresistible offer they can’t refuse. This is your opportunity to convert that user or to ascend them up your value ladder. The longer you have had the pixel on your website, the more people you will be able to target (as long as there is traffic visiting your web page in the first place).


If you’re a business, there really is no excuse for not using retargeting as part of your digital marketing campaigns. It is, by a long way, the easiest and quickest route to increasing your sales.

Whether B2C or B2B, retargeting gives you the chance to re-engage quickly and cheaply, using an ad that is highly tailored to the visitors previous actions on your website.

Would you like to find out more about increasing your conversions and sales by using retargeting tactics?

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